J&K Lucerna What is it?

Welcome to J&K lucerna, where comfort and well-being are at the heart of our mission. We strive to create a unique sensory experience by offering a carefully curated selection of high quality sweaters, hoodies, candles, perfumes and soaps.

Our sweaters and hoodies are designed to wrap you in cozy comfort, combining style and practicality to make you feel good about yourself, whether at home or away.

Immerse yourself in our collection of exquisite candles, meticulously crafted to awaken your senses and create a warm, calming atmosphere in your living space. Whether for a romantic evening or to relax after a long day, our candles transport you to a world of relaxation.

Also discover our captivating fragrances, created with delicate and intoxicating notes to keep you feeling refreshed and confident throughout the day. Each fragrance is an invitation to a captivating olfactory journey, designed to reflect your personality and lifestyle.

Our body soaps are carefully formulated with nourishing and conditioning ingredients to gently cleanse while hydrating your skin. Captivating scents, each soap is an invitation to a moment of relaxation and refreshment, allowing you to take care of your skin with elegance.


An exceptional reason to choose our candles is our commitment to sustainable practices, including the use of natural waxes, eco-friendly packaging and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, allowing you to enjoy a warm ambiance while contributing to preserving our planet for future generations.

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This hoodie is your best ally for everyday comfort. Made with a soft cotton and polyester blend, it feels warm and soft the moment you wear it. Its loose, relaxed fit allows you to move freely, while the hood protects you from the elements. Perfect for lounging around the house or casual wear around town.

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Body and hand soap

Immerse yourself in an exquisite sensory experience with our collection of body soaps, designed to give you soft, delicately scented skin with every use. Each soap in this collection is a true delight for the senses, combining softness and captivating fragrance for an unforgettable shower experience.

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